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All of my bows have been in need of some attention for several months now, having been over 9 months since any of them were given any love I decided it was time to have them given a bit of a service.

The Voirin was the most in need dispite being the most recently seen, with the need for a new thumb grip and a bit of attention to the winding.

The viola bow hasnt been rehaired for around 2 years and the baroque bow not since it was loaned to me!

The luthiers to undertake the work were ealing strings they run the largest workshop in europe and were an ideal choice as it had to be done very rapidly. Their knowledge is second to none and the skills are out of this world. All three bows were taken care of within the hour. This meant that there was no chance to rosin the bows completely and took some time to play in, but after an hour they were playing beautifully, more often than not when rehairing bows the final result is that one side has far more hair than the other, however with these they seem to be much more evenly spread and it’s made control far easier.

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