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During my time as a technician I have built up an amount of good quality sound equipment, the full rig is suitable for a “heavy” rock band in a room up to 400 capacity or for lighter (conference or folk) usage in rooms of over 1,000 person capacity.

The full system includes:

  • 2.5kw (total) Mackie Subs and Tops
  • 800w torque foldback monitors
  • Mackie 16 channel analogue desk
  • Yamaha 16 channel digital desk
  • Vanne Damme (Neutrix connectors) Cables
  • AKG Mic set up
  • Sennheiser G2 500 wireless systems

The system has been regularly used by many groups including (10 piece Afro funk) DrymbagoBanda BacanaSarah Louise, Bangor Peace Group, Bangor University, Storm FM many venues Academi, Hendre Hall, Dinas Station, Several Wareham festivals, Bunkfest, SNOG Fest, the Purcell School and many others across the UK.


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