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Everyone learns in different ways, however it is always important to have fun whilst learning. That includes the time that I am not there, my approach is to teach you how to teach yourself. This way you can advance whilst at home and learn not to need someone standing over you to improve.

I aim in particular to improve the tone of your playing, the size of your repetoire and most importantly skills involved in playing within groups and ensembles. I have found that this improves your enjoyment of playing (not to mention those listening to your playing) within these I will tweak your technique so that it is more comfortable and causes less strain on your body.

I have taught music students from Bangor University to Bournemouth preschools and given masterclasses to individuals and ensembles and have not only taught Violin and Viola, but on air presenting, audio engineering and tutor students toward their chemistry GCSE’s and A-Level’s. I have recently completed a PGCE and am currently the chemistry teacher at the Purcell School in Bushey, Hertfordshire.

I always encourage parents to come to every lesson as you can take in some of what I have said and take it home with your child to help them practise further. Should you wish to book for a free trial lesson please dont hesitate to call, my fees after are £12.50 per half hour

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