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Again, this morning started slowly. I’ve finally been hit by the end of term exhaustion and jet lag and it was nice to be able to lie in and have a other lazy morning.

After a big breakfast we went into Melbourne to celebrate the 50th wedding Anniversary of two of Susie’s friends, Terry (FRS) and Sally. It was at the University which was very easy to get to after taking the train to Flinders street and then jumping on a tram to the University. The university is huge and feels very much like Manchester (although it wasn’t raining!) Having made our way to the reception venue we met several old family friends of Susie’s and chatted for much of the afternoon. The meal was a delicious buffet of a wide variety of different foods including oysters, antipasti and Szechwan Lamb. We were sat with Henry – a fine art professor from Durham and Patrick – Terry’s brother and a vicar in Perth (very deep Australian accent) the afternoon was very pleasant and was nice to hear about Perth and Fremantle again.

On our way back we stopped in at T2 a tea emporium which had many different types of teas at the front of the shop (although mostly infusions) and a large number of beautiful teapots on the shelves around the walls. I think it was a very dangerous shop for me to enter!!

Our evening was spent meeting up and eating with some of Amy’s friends from college, Tash and Ed. we decided to drive across to the top of Lygon street and eat in a little Armenian restaurant in the Brunswick area of Melbourne called Mankoush. We shared a variety of Lebanese and Armenian dishes; which included Lamb kebab on a chickpea humous type bed, pumpkin dip, spring rolls with walnut, leek & spinach and mixed green beans in some kind of spice. Ed is a teacher in a school which utilises technology in a really cool way and we spent a lot of time talking about google classroom and VLE teaching. I’ve still got to write much of the paper I’m writing for the RSC and it was very useful to chat with him about a lot of it! After dinner we wandered down Lygon street to the Gello Bar for more Italian ice creams. A very delicious evening of food!

We are all off on a road trip down the Great Ocean Road tomorrow – a road built as a war memorial following world war one. So might not have any Internet to update the diary until Monday evening. Also, I have a large number of photos, but no way of getting them off the camera and onto the computer! They will go up at some point.

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