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Having run around everywhere over the last few days we decided that New Years eve would be an R&R day so I slept in and woke up at 9. I had decided to make some pancakes a couple of days ago and thought that today would be the perfect day to break them out. It was fairly mild at 18 degrees so they were just right to start the day. It was also a very good excuse to enjoy more of Ruth’s delicious sauces which we were able to pour over them. I had a horrible feeling that I had burnt a little bit onto the pan and was slightly terrified whilst trying to retain the appearance of total calm as I manically tried to scrape the carbon off that was rapidly forming on Susie’s favourite pan!

After breakfast I started to read some of my book whilst the sun attempted to appear from behind the clouds and managed to get through quite a bit up to lunch time when we again tried to finish the ham and cheese. There’s still quite a lot left!

Once lunch was finished and cleared away Susie and Luciano left to visit some of their friends in Inverloch. I applied some sun cream (especially around the ears, which are still a bit red) and sat on the lawn reading for a good couple of hours whilst enjoying some rays and birds chirruping around me.

For our last supper of 2014 Amy and I had decided to prepare Kangaroo steaks with mashed sweet potatoe (which is white like a turnip in Australia) and some fried potatoes with carrots and broccoli. It was quite delicious and the Kangaroo was very tasy and melted beautifully. After supper we played a word wheel game (somewhere between boggle and a word wheel thing with silly rules about which letters you could use and when) I lost, badly! So I gently moved the proceedings on to scrabble, which I did marginally better at finishing second in the first game and doing very well at in the second during which we celebrated new year, I rang home and number 4 to wish them a happy new year too!

Once we had the new year celebrations out of the way I went on to win the game of scrabble because Susie (who had put down all her letters at one point a bonus scoring 50 points) ended up with a high scoring set of letters leaving me winning by 1 point.

At this point I was not just 11 hours ahead of the UK but also a whole year, I was probably far too excited by this geeky concept!

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