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I arrived at Melbourne very early in the morning to warm sunshine and tried to get out of the airport. They really didn’t like that I had mud on my shoes, but the loose tea was no problem.

After having my shoes washed I was able to leave and meet both Amy and Luciano, who were waiting in the arrivals hall.

We went through the suburbs of Melbourne to Northcote for breakfast. After a delicious Australian tea (called Madura) and porridge we visited the local shops in Fairfield to get some sunglasses and lunch before heading out to Fairfield park.

Fairfield park is set on the banks of the river Yarra and is a slow running river, possibly around 10 meters wide at this point that meanders through Melbourne at a very leisurely pace. It was almost unbelievable that we were in a city as the wildlife was so varied and the scenery so beautiful. We were guided by Beth, a friend of Susie and Amy’s. It was a great way to land and survive a morning very jetlagged. Lunch was waiting for us on return, a delicious selection of hams, bread (foccacia included) and cheese.

I’m afraid I failed to get through the whole day without falling asleep and after lunch had a very deep sleep from which I was woken up after what felt like 10 seconds but what was actually a good couple of hours!

To keep me awake and to try and stop my feet swelling any more than they were – in the neat 30 degree heat. We visited the local swimming pool. The complex included an indoor pool (which was almost unused at this time) and a selection of outdoor pools including a beautiful (slightly heated) 50m pool which was perfect to cool off a pair of baking feet!

Again supper was ready for us on return and starving and exhausted I tucked into a delicious risotto of radicchio (bitter red lettuce) asiago cheese and chicken stock. At 8pm I was no longer able to keep my eyes open and retired to bed – I fell asleep instantly!

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