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Today was a day of exploring the city with Amy and her friends Claire and Adam (plus Jane) There are so many places to see and go that it is impossible to describe them all so I’ll try and list them in a vague order!

We left home quite early to go to Fairfield station where we had a homemade lemonade at the bean counter, topped up a MyKi card (Melbourne’s answer to the oyster) and took the train into Jolimont for the MCG. The park around the MCG has lots of sporting statues paying tribute to Australian athletes who have made a great contribution to Melbourne sporting life (Don Bradman, Shane Warne, AFL players runners etc) After meeting Claire and Adam we briefly looked inside the MCG before walking into Melbourne past the AFL Stadium (where Adam spotted the most famous footballer ever,) the Rod Lever tennis stadium where the preparations for the Australian open were in full swing and along the banks of a much wider Yarra river than yesterday.

After a cup of hot chocolate at the riverside cafe we walked into Melbourne and took in Fed Square (A newly built square with funky, jaggedy looking, glass buildings surrounding it. These contained a recital hall and art galleries. Walking out of Fed Square we walked past the grand Flinders street station and into Melbourne’s Lane-ways a collection of gridded streets containing some amazing hidden cafes & shops. These took us up to Melbourne central Library which has an amazing selection of reading rooms, one of which was an enormous octagon and at least 5 stories high with bookcases set into balconies in the walls all the way up.

On our way to Lunch we went through the central shopping center and took in the tourist must do of the clock! It’s a 2 meter wide pocket-watch style face mounted on a wall that opens out on the hour to sing waltzing Matilda to the hundreds of tourists who gather below waiting to enjoy the site through their mobile phones and cameras whilst it emits its wondrous noise as locals walk past trying to feign their disgust whilst – I am sure – wishing that they were tourists so they too could afford the time to take in this marvelous site. Personally I think its the dancing doves, cockatoos and flautists that really make this one of the worlds great wonders. All this takes place next door to an old lead shot tower which is encased within the marvelous glass domed area that this clock plays to – this really is a site which is worth seeing!

Lunch was at a delicious Chinese restaurant where you ordered using a touch screen computer mounted on the wall. Very cool and some really delicious dumplings!

Following lunch we wandered back through the lane-ways and watched a demonstration of sugar rock being made in the Suga shop. This was absolutely incredible and  still don’t quite understand how they managed to make the image of a nectarine appear through the whole of the stick of rock so perfectly!

We left Claire, Adam and Jane after enjoying afternoon tea at the cupcake shop and Amy and I walked down to the southbank of the Yarra and along to the Eureka Tower where we too the lift to the Eureka Skydeck on the 88th floor of the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. As we walked out of the lift onto the floor we were greeted by astonishing views which took in the entire bay across to the first mountains of the great dividing range. Spread out at our feet were all the places that we had visited earlier that day. Well worth the fee to see on such a clear day!

Supper was kindly prepared for us by Lucciano another delicious Italian meal of carbonara with zuccini and bacon. Delicious!

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