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It’s not often that I go to concerts and even less common that I attend choral ones, but I was invited by a friend on Facebook to The Fieri Consort’s late night performance as part of the Brandenburg choral festival at St. Martin in the fields and I was in the area having attended an event at the RSC. The Fieri Consort have come about after attending a years training or scholarship with the “16” and were set up to be a really top act about to put on an incredible nights performance – they did not disappoint.

The first item really set up a fantastic and incredible atmosphere which was received with breathless and silently stunned reverence which was finally broken by about three people in rows behind me who breathed “wow” the audiences silence remained most of the way through the concert until they hit the miserere. I’ve not heard this live for a long time, and I’ve not be so captivated by the masterpiece for even longer. The top C was hit time and time again simply effortlessly!

I really enjoyed the programme of this concert, obviously the crowd puller was there, but the items around it were also quite stunning. Having never met Lobo before I have nothing to compare the opener with, but I will most certainly be looking for more and will definitely be looking for some Gesualdo for my CD collection!

My only regret was that this was such a late performance and I had to run for a train rather than enjoy a drink with the group after the gig. But I hope to catch up with them after another concert very soon.


Versa Est In Luctum

Salve Regina

Versa Est In Luctum
Ave Maria
Salve Regina


In Ieiunio et Fletu

O Vos Omnes
Tristis est Anima Mea

Regina Caeli